A quick and easy way to remotely share your blood glucose readings with your healthcare professional.

Your connected blood glucose management solution

  • automatically syncs your data from a connected CONTOUR®NEXT meter and CONTOUR®DIABETES app
  • After initial set-up, no further action is required
  • Your data is seamlessly accessible to your healthcare professional

CONTOUR®NEXT blood glucose meter

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Getting started

Go to your app store and download the free CONTOUR®DIABETES app now.

If you already have the CONTOUR®DIABETES app, please go to STEP 4.

Pair your connected CONTOUR®NEXT meter​

Learn more from your healthcare professional.

When you speak to your healthcare professional, they can invite you via email with a link to register on to access your data. ​

Log in with your CONTOUR®DIABETES app username and password.

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Add your information and submit

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Congratulations, your data is now accessible to your healthcare professionals via

Do you have a question about using

View our frequently asked questions below.​ If you cannot find your question, please contact us.

Users can choose to store their data on either the central storage, located in Australia, or on their own Personal Data storage. If users select Personal Data during registration, the location of data storage will depend on the user’s personal data service settings. The CONTOUR®DIABETES App server is located in Singapore for users connecting through the free CONTOUR®DIABETES App.

Prior to being given access to the platform, all users have to review and accept the privacy policy and user license agreement which complies with GDPR regulations and any other local regulations. See privacy policy.

  • The personal data in the platform is owned by the respective person with diabetes.
  • Ascensia and SdNcenter, the legal manufacturer of and technology organisation we partnered with to develop the platform, are the data processors with the consent of the users.

Currently the platform is compatible with the CONTOUR®NEXT blood glucose meters​ from Ascensia.

Cable connection and Bluetooth connections are both possible for the full range of CONTOUR®NEXT blood glucose meters.​

Blood glucose data, contextual information (insulin dosing, food intake and activity) and patient profile.

Anonymised aggregate and statistical data for improving the tool and operations.

The platform works with a minimum of Windows 7, with NET 4.7 recommended.

It will also work on Mac Operating Systems as along as recommended browsers (Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome) are used and no data download functionality is required.

Similarly will work with, but is not optimised for, mobile phones and tablets and there are no downloading capabilities for phones or tablets.

Browser-based applications are best experienced using the latest version of Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

Yes, to do this the caregiver creates their own account with login, which has to be approved by the user and CONTOUR®DIABETES app data is then shared automatically, assuming both the person with diabetes and caregiver are connected online when trying to access that data.

The person with diabetes can revoke access at any time.

No, any number of caregivers can be granted access by the person with diabetes.

It is intended for use by people aged 18+ years.

The use of the system requires acceptance of the user license agreement and privacy policy, which can only be legally completed by someone aged over 18. See privacy policy.

Healthcare Professionals

Optimise your consultations and connect to people with diabetes remotely*
To support your blood glucose management treatment decisions and recommendations, invite people with diabetes to share their blood glucose readings.

Online HCP cloud-based platform synchronises with​ CONTOUR®NEXT meter and the CONTOUR®DIABETES app

Easy to set-up and start​ with simple onboarding​ and PWD invitation

A secure environment for​ PWDs to share information*

Dashboard with general statistics and your complete​ list of registered PWDs​

Data summary with​ comprehensive view​ for easy interpretation with​ consistent colour indicators

Appointment notes​ private or shared for​ PWDs to view

Generate reports including​ AGP format report, PDF and print

Full access at no cost for you or your clients

Educational Downloads Brochure Patient Guide is compatible with the whole CONTOUR® portfolio

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**On a compatible Android or iOS device. For a list of compatilbe devices, please visit

SdNCenter is the legal manufacturer and developer of GlucoContro online and is partnering with Ascensia to market and deliver the tool to HCP and Patient users. Privacy Policy