High accuracy and ease of use with CONTOUR®NEXT blood glucose monitoring system*†1,2

Product Features

  • The CONTOUR®NEXT system has been shown to deliver remarkable accuracy within ±5.3% of lab values*†1,2
  • Easy to use, with less errors in the hands of new users when using CONTOUR®NEXT§1
  • smartLIGHT® target range indicator and colour consistency for easy interpretation1
  • Second-Chance® Sampling technology to reduce handling errors and strip wastage §1
  • Fully compliant with new Button Battery Safety Standards
  • CONTOUR®DIABETES App connectivity with seamless data transfer

Why choose CONTOUR®NEXT?

Contour Next connected is easy to use

High Accuracy

  • The CONTOUR®NEXT system has been shown to deliver remarkable accuracy within ±5.3% of lab values*†1,2
  • Highly accurate readings are important for therapeutic decisions. Especially for correct insulin dosing decisions3
  • An accurate blood glucose monitoring system supports continuous glucose monitoring systems for calibration, for times when symptoms do not match readings, during recovery from hypoglycaemia and during rapid rate-of-change4
Easy to use

Easy to use

  • Easy to use, with less errors in the hands of new users when using CONTOUR®NEXT§1
  • Ready to use out of the box**, no initial set-up required and comes with pre-set time, date and target range*†
  • Get your readings in 5 seconds
  • Large display screen and rubber buttons for ease of use

Simple & Intuitive with smartLIGHT®

  • The unique smartLIGHT® target range indicator of the CONTOUR®NEXT helps to interpret blood glucose values5
  • It clearly identifies your readings as above (Amber), within (Green) or below (Red) target range, to give you confidence and peace of mind when you are on track, and to help you make decisions5
  • Consistent colour schemes throughout Connected CONTOUR® Solution

Reduce handling errors and strip wastage with Second-Chance® Sampling

  • CONTOUR®NEXT has a 60 second countdown screen that allows you to apply more blood to the same strip if the first sample is insufficient
  • Second-Chance® Sampling reduces blood application errors and strip wastage without the need to re-lance6
Contour Diabetes App

Connects to the free CONTOUR®DIABETES App

Connecting the CONTOUR®NEXT meter to the CONTOUR®DIABETES App may help you better understand7 your readings and support your blood glucose management

  • Easy to use: Seamless data transfer with automatic data upload from meter to electronic diary
  • Easy to understand: My Patterns and colour scheme consistency helps to identify trends in blood glucose results and displays notifications of potential causes
  • Easy to share: The blood sugar diary report can be sent prior to, or shared during an appointment with a healthcare professional

The CONTOUR®DIABETES App applies appropriate safeguards to ensure your personal data is processed securely and in compliance with applicable laws.

Check to see if your smartphone’s operating system is compatible

How to use**

You are only 3 steps away from a remarkably accurate*†1,2 result.

Step 1

Insert CONTOUR®NEXT test strip and the meter will switch on

Step 2

Allow the blood drop to sip into the CONTOUR®NEXT test strip

Step 3

View the reading with the smartLIGHT® target range indicator

Instructional Video

Works With


CONTOUR®DIABETES App, on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet**

MICROLET®NEXT lancing device with MICROLET® lancets


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User guide



Battery WarningWARNING: Batteries are hazardous and must be kept away from children. If swallowed or placed inside any part of the body they can cause severe or fatal injuries in 2 hours or less. If you suspect a battery has been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek medical attention immediately and contact the Australian Poisons Information Centre for 24/7, fast expert advice at 131 126.

* Minimum accuracy requirements of ISO15197: 2013 Section 6.3 standard require ≥95% of the measured values to fall within ±0.83 mmol/L at glucose concentrations <5.5 mmol/L or within ±15% at glucose concentrations ≥5.5 mmol/L compared to the reference method.

** Before use please see the CONTOUR®NEXT user guide for full instructions.

*† Always consult your healthcare provider prior to making changes to your target ranges.

An ad hoc analysis demonstrated that 95% of the results were within the error range ±0.3 mmol/L or ±5.3% of the laboratory reference values (Hexokinase (HK)-based method (Cobas Integra 400 Plus; Roche Instrument Center, Rotkreuz, Switzerland).

§ User performance evaluation included data from 100 participants as required according to ISO 15197:2013, each of whom used every system with one reagent lot. Study personnel observed user techniques.


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